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Our proven program differs substantially from the typical "campaign academy." 

We work with local organizers to adapt our proprietary curriculum to local political realities and prepare competitively-selected participants with strategies to transition from private to public life and build the momentum necessary to enter a campaign(or the appointment process)ready to win and lead.  Participants learn to integrate lessons with problem-solving assignments that address the challenges they will face as prospects, candidates and public leaders.  

We offer a two-day or four-day session.  What's the difference? 


Contact Mark R. Mills (888-430-0009) and tell him what you have in mind or simply ask questions.  If you're interested in proceeding, an informational meeting in your city with local leaders may make sense.  This is not a sales call.   Mark will discuss the program and answer any questions.  If local leaders choose to proceed, another meeting or conference call can determine options for a preliminary proposal that will include budget, curriculum and timeline. Then, decide if this is right for you. 

In just two or four-day boot camps,

we can work together to build your bench of aspiring

business-minded public leaders who are

prepared to win and make a difference. 

No long-term commitment is required

The two full-day session ...

...is an intensive educational and executive summary program that covers the basics of how to prepare to run or land an appointment (local organizers can choose to focus only on elected office).  While there is some small-group discussion, there is no time for team assignments and presentations that integrate lessons.  A day-long session typically lasts from 8:30a - 4:00p with a working lunch. 

The four full-day session...

...is more comprehensive and covers a wider range of topics while also allowing participants to integrate lessons into team assignments and team presentations that address real challenges. 

But wait, there's more...

We also offer: ​​

  • staff training for organizations that would like to launch their own programs;
  • turn-key services that cover applicant recruitment, managing the competitive-selection process (local leaders choose the class) and conducting the educational sessions with our proprietary curriculum in an active-learning format;
  • tailored sessions that can extend beyond four days. 

Regardless of the option...

the program will carry its own name and your advisory council will provide the final say on the agenda, budget and class selection. 

No long-term commitment is required of local organizers.

For a copy of an agenda for a past session, please contact: Mark R. Mills at markmills@reclaimpublicleadership.org or call 888-430-0009.