We never use our corporate name.  Instead, each program is branded and marketed with a local name. 

"We couldn’t have launched (the San Diego Public Leadership Institute) without your experience, passion and commitment. Thank you for helping San Diego’s business community STEP UP ITS GAME."

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There are business leaders in your community, state or industry who know how to create jobs, balance budgets and deal with regulations and now want to take that business experience into elected or appointed office to address pressing issues and make a difference.

First, they need to know how to prepare to win and what to expect. 

Unlike typical "campaign academies," our program, tailored to address local political realities, focuses on preparation strategies to get these aspiring candidates (or appointees) to the starting line with the kind of momentum that can set the stage for victory.  

We've worked with local business and industry leaders to train hundreds of competitively-selected business-minded prospective candidates in diverse local markets in Florida, San Diego and northern Virginia. The program can be conducted in any city or state, in small markets or large cities and regions. 

​We're not a campaign group but a non-profit organization whose mission is to reclaim excellence in public leadership by preparing business talent to successfully transition into the political process and use business lessons to address policy issues. 

Graduates of both parties have gone on to become outstanding state legislators, mayors, council members, commissioners, school board members and appointees.  ​Some of these new public leaders would never have pursued public leadership without our program.  Learn more.

Our unique preparation program teaches real-world preparation, transition and campaign strategies. Simulation and role-playing exercises, as well as guided small-group activities, allow participants to integrate the lessons.    

Learn more about our 2-day and 4-day boot camps or we'll work with you to tailor a program. 

Contact:  Mark R. Mills at markmills@reclaimpublicleadership.org. 

A program's success depends on the quality of class members, who are chosen through a competitive selection process that separates the committed from the curious. 


Does your community or state need

business experience in public leadership?

Here's how to build your bench of aspiring

business-minded public leaders who will be prepared to

run for office, win and make a difference. 

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Preparing outstanding business leaders to become outstanding public leaders

Photo: San Diego Public Leadership Institute 2016 class

We define success by the difference our graduates-turned-public leaders have made for their communities. 

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