The Political Leadership Innovation Institute, Inc. is recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Political Leadership Innovation Institute, Inc.

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We need business experience in public leadership.

So, we're building the bench of business leaders who are becoming great public leaders.

But here's who we are and why it matters...

They've created jobs, balanced budgets, dealt with government regulations and understood the importance of customer service - and now we need these business leaders to use their experience and talent in public leadership to address our most pressing issues.  

The Political Leadership Innovation Institute, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is driven by the desire to reclaim excellence in public leadership by encouraging and equipping  outstanding business-minded leaders who have a desire to explore public leadership and serve with excellence. 

We aren't a political action committee or campaign organization, but a public-leadership development program that has trained nearly 300 business-minded leaders in Florida, California and Virginia on how to run, win and lead or land an appointment to an influential government board and commission.

(Take a peek at our San Diego program here.)

Our graduates have become state legislators, mayors, council members, commissioners, school board members and appointees. Others have a longer-term horizon for transitioning from private to public life and are using our curriculum to develop strategies for engagement.

Programs can last from a weekend to several months, depending on what local leaders decide.  Each program has its own local name, branding and identity and exclusive budget.

To see what it would take to launch your program, please contact us, using the form to the right.

Political Leadership Innovation Institute, Inc.
Preparing outstanding business leaders to become outstanding public leaders.