THE WHY.  There are business leaders in your community, state or industry who want to make a difference in public leadership, but they first need to know how to start and where to begin.  That's our unique contribution to reclaiming excellence in public leadership. 

Through locally-branded and controlled public leadership institutes, over 400 competitively-selected business leaders in Florida, San Diego and Virginia have been trained to prepare to run for office or land an appointment and use their business skills to address public issues. 

We just don't educate aspiring business-minded public leaders, we prepare them - through simulation and role-playing exercises - to address the realities of moving from private to public life, running and leading. Graduates have become outstanding state legislators, mayors, council members, commissioners, school board members and appointees.

Some of these new public leaders would never have pursued public leadership without our program.  Learn more about our successful graduates.

THE WHAT. We're not a program for declared candidates.  Instead, we’re a nonprofit and nonpartisan public leadership educational organization that works with business leaders, local organizations and industry groups to deliver tailored pre-campaign training institutes  that "build the bench"of aspiring business-minded public leaders who are prepared to transition from private to public life and take advantage of their political opportunities to make a difference. 

Each institute is individually branded and administered by a local/industry advisory board and can either be housed in an existing organization or through our 501(c)(3).  The advisory committee will have the final say on the budget, curriculum and class selection. We offer staff training or a complete turn-key program that includes class promotion, selection template and instruction.  Discover how to launch your program. 

THE HOW. Our curriculum is unlike any program of its kind in the nation (that we've come across, anyway) because (now, here's the secret) we not only discuss transition strategies from private to public life, but require that class members develop their own personalized transition plans.  We also employ an active-learning, simulation and role-playing format that forces participants to integrate lessons and address challenges they will face as candidates and public leaders. 

Generally, our base program, tailored to address the goals of local organizers, covers 18 hours of instructional time on the "how to start and what to expect" of transition strategies, running for office, landing an appointment and using business skills to address public issues.  


Sessions can be added to explore public policy issues, learn from pro-business elected leaders and provide a deeper look at topics, such as public speaking, fundraising and campaign organization.  Learn more or contact us.

Photo: San Diego Public Leadership Institute 2016 class


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We're successfully "building the bench" of outstanding business leaders who are prepared to run for office or land appointments and use their business experience, skills and talent to address challenging public issues.